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PRESS RELEASE – Bad weather causes further separation of OS35

05 Apr 2023

PRESS RELEASE – Bad weather causes further separation of OS35 Image
The Government has been advised by the Captain of the Port that, as a result of the adverse weather conditions at sea, the OS 35 has shifted slightly from its position and separated further in the area of the hull previously damaged.
Some oil residue can be seen to be escaping from the ship and it is expected that this coming from keel duct that contained the pipes connecting fuel tank No1 to the engine room. It is important to stress that all possible extractable oil was removed from the OS 35 last year, and this observed oil is residues contained in this duct which is at the very bottom of the vessel’s structure.
The Boom surrounding the OS 35 was removed earlier this week in anticipation of the adverse weather conditions which have now reached, since the boom would not have been effective in these weather conditions, would have likely been torn apart and would have only added to further risk of secondary contamination. It is therefore not possible to reinstall the boom surrounding the vessel until such time as the weather conditions improve.
The Government is advising members of the public to avoid the beaches on the East side until further notice. The Gibraltar Port Authority is working very closely with the Department for the Environment to ensure any tar balls and oil is contained and removed as soon as possible.
Further updates will be issued as appropriate.
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