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Support Services

Gibraltar is home to an extensive range of shipping agents and specialist companies offering every kind of support service to vessels of all sizes and types and tailoring them to the individual needs of the customer.

The contact details of all local shipping agents are listed in the Maritime Directory.

  • The choice of shipping agents based in Gibraltar is wider than ever in response to the growing number of ship calls and maritime operations. These companies have a wide experience in dealing with vessels of all types.
  • Cruise ship operators using the Port of Gibraltar can expect to find a broad selection of highly experienced shipping agents to act on their behalf when calling for bunkers, crew changes, repairs and supplies.
  • Bunkering is not only a key activity for the Port of Gibraltar but an equally important business for local shipping agents. Agents are available to act on behalf of their principals during bunker calls at Gibraltar.
  • Gibraltar is a key base for companies specialising in off-limits supply services. This means that ships transiting the Strait of Gibraltar but not wishing to come off charter or leave international waters can receive stores, spares, provisions and even a crew change while still offshore.
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