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The Gibraltar Ship Register is committed to providing the highest quality ship and mortgage registration services within the International maritime industry.

Gibraltar offers a credible, prestigious and user friendly register, based on a well-established legal system based on English law and which operates in a low tax environment serviced by very skilled and experienced professionals. These benefits are accessible to owners from around the world with an ever expanding ownership eligibility criteria.

Our experienced and skilled registry staff, working closely with our professional and established local representatives, provide an unrivalled efficient and simple registration process with very competitive fees.

There are more than 200 merchant ships totalling over 1.5 million GT registered in ship register, with over 900 pleasure yachts on the Gibraltar Yacht Registry.

The success of the Gibraltar registered fleet throughout the years has been underpinned by a number of very specific factors; foremost among these is the fact that Gibraltar is a Category 1 member of the Red Ensign Group, which means that any vessel registered is regarded as a British vessel. The Red Ensign is recognised internationally for maintaining the highest of standards, maritime safety and security, environmental protection and the welfare of seafarers serving on board its vessels.

Gibraltar’s legal system is based on English common law and broadly follows UK maritime legislation, giving ship owners and mortgage lenders confidence in contracts and legal processes. There are a number of entities in Gibraltar who specialise in maritime law and other maritime related services can offer clients an unrivalled level support which extend beyond ship registration services. 

The combination of high quality and personal service is one that ship owners value.

Gibraltar has ‘White List’ status under the Paris MoU on Port State Control, and also has prestigious ‘Qualship 21’ recognition by the US Coast Guard. Quality and ensuring compliance with the highest standards remains our key priority.

We strive to be the register of choice for quality vessels, owners and managers.

The Gibraltar Ship Registry offers three types of registration, full registration, bareboat registration and registration under construction. 

The team is proud of its ‘hands-on’ approach and we offer customers receive a unique personalised service and technical support throughout the clock. Every vessel is visited periodically by Administration surveyors. Much of the statutory work is delegated to well-respected classification societies, but Gibraltar retains direct control over key survey/certification functions to ensure we maintain our close working relationship with our clients and to ensure that our surveyors have an excellent insight into the overall running of every ship.

Further information about registering ships under the Gibraltar flag can be found on the Gibraltar Maritime Administration website.

Yacht Registration

The Gibraltar Maritime Administration took over responsibility for the Gibraltar Yacht Registry in February 2010 and since then the registry has gone from strength to strength.  There are now over 900 Part I registered yachts and nearly 300 Part III Small Ships Registrations (SSRs) and the numbers continue to grow significantly.  As well as integrating the yacht register into its quality management system, the administration has expanded registration to a wider range of yachts.  The yacht register welcomes the registration of recreational and commercial yachts of all sizes as well as yachts under construction.

As an internationally recognized, high quality registry providing an efficient and cost-effective service, it is an ideal choice for yacht owners who want the confidence of belonging to a British Register and flying the Red Ensign.  The registry offers ownership opportunities to individuals of various nationalities such as British, European and Commonwealth and body corporates of all jurisdictions.

We have an experienced and dedicated team offering good customer service and assistance in the registration of these yachts, as well as specialized surveyors available to carry out the necessary surveys, and inspections for the issue of certificates showing compliance with LY2, LY3 and the Passenger Yacht Code.

Amongst the unique benefits to yacht registration in Gibraltar is the compact size of the Rock itself and the growing supply of high-quality moorings.  Owners can fly in and be on their yacht within minutes after a short walk from the airport to the marina.

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