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Speak Up, Speak Out

30 Jan 2023

The Speak Up, Speak Out campaign has united many associations, groups, organisations and individuals who work with young people in one common goal: to empower young people to use their voices to help, encourage and bolster others, not to bring them down.
If a young person is not brave enough to speak out, after seeing our message they will know who to turn to.
Bullying and negativity are issues affecting young people today. Together we can make a difference and say ‘Stop!’
We can use our collective voices to put a stop to negative actions.
Use your voice to speak up for those that can’t.
Use your voice to stop others using social media to inflict harm.
Use your voice to make someone understand what they do affects others.
Go to a role model who means something to you, Speak Up, Speak Out.
Use your voice for positivity.
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Thank you!