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PRESS RELEASE - Sanctions Training Event

25 Mar 2024

PRESS RELEASE - Sanctions Training Event Image
The Ministry of Justice, Trade and Industry Nigel Feetham KC MP hosted a bespoke two-day training event for stakeholders on the effective implementation of international sanctions and to increase awareness of the ways that attempts may be made to circumvent them.
The training, provided by Field fishers LLP and funded by the UK Government as part of its ongoing commitment to assist in increasing sanctions capacity across the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, was attended by over 50 representatives from the Royal Gibraltar Police, HM Customs, the Financial Services Commission, Office of Fair Trading, Government Law Offices, Port Authority, Gibraltar Maritime Administration, Civil Aviation Authority, Gambling Division, GFIU, Borders and Coastguard, and the Gibraltar Finance Centre.
Presentations given included sanctions architecture, asset freeze sanctions, financial sanctions compliance, trade sanctions and transport sanctions with a focus on the basis of each of the regimes and practical case studies regarding compliance, licensing and enforcement.
The Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry, Nigel Feetham KC MP, who opened the training, said:
“It is now over two years since Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, and the subsequent adoption of the first of many waves of the UK’s far-reaching sanctions on Russia.
These sanctions, as implemented by the UK, automatically apply in Gibraltar and are working, but they are only as strong as their implementation.
I am pleased that the sub-committee on sanctions, which I recently set up, has been able to arrange with the UK Government and Field fishers LLP for the successful provision of bespoke technical training on the implementation of sanctions last week.
This shows Gibraltar’s continued commitment to both the highest of international standards and the United Kingdom’s foreign policy priorities in respect of all relevant sanctions regimes. I am sure that the knowledge imparted will prove to be of benefit to all the stakeholders present in regulating this crucial area and I thank all those involved in arranging the training, and who attended, for their time and work in this regard.”
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