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PRESS RELEASE - OS 35 – Boom around vessel redeployed

11 Oct 2022

PRESS RELEASE - OS 35 – Boom around vessel redeployed Image

The Captain of the Port updated the Recovery Coordination Group, chaired by Minister for the Port Vijay Daryanani, on the situation regarding the OS 35 after the swells experienced over the weekend.

The part of the boom that was removed before the weekend has been repaired and successfully replaced.
Over the weekend, only light sheening escaped the vessel. The GPA and partner assets in the area effectively dissipated this before it was able to reach the coastline or passed Europa Point.

There have been no further reports of oiling on Gibraltar’s coastline, and the Department of Environment continue to conduct frequent shoreline assessments in conjunction with OSRL.
The cleanup efforts at Seven Sisters are progressing well, with the situation in the area significantly improved. The Department of Environment and OSRL will continue to work to cleanup remaining
oil patches at Seven Sisters through the remainder of the week.

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