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30 Aug 2022

The hull of the Bulk Carrier OS 35 has broken. The two sections of the vessel have not yet fully
There was a clear risk that this would occur. It was for this reason that urgent attempts were being made to remove fuel from the vessel. This has not yet been possible.
The OS 35 is already surrounded by an ocean boom that should contain any spill of oil which may
occur. No oil spill appears to have occurred. This is being constantly monitored.
The GPA is working with the owners, salvers and P&I Club to address all issues that may now arise.
A meeting of the GCC was convened as soon as the news of the vessels circumstances was
The Captain of the Port is taking action to ensure that any environmental impact is minimised.
All persons on board, a total of 24 crew and 6 surveyors who were on board at the time, have been evacuated safely.
All operations at Gibraltar Port are currently suspended to concentrate all resources on this
More information will be provided when available.

The Gibraltar Contingency Council, chaired jointly by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and His
Excellency the Governor David Steel, convened once again this afternoon at No6 Convent Place to
discuss the afternoon’s developments regarding the vessel OS 35.
• The crew on board the OS 35 continue to report as being safe and well.
• The Port Authority continues its technical planning, alongside surveyors and salvors, with
the aim of commencing a salvage operation. This may involve removal of the fuel loaded in
the vessel as soon as possible.
• During the course of the afternoon, the Gibraltar Port Authority responded to a leak of
hydraulic fluid from the vessel’s forward crane, which is the only one of the four cranes
aboard the vessel affected by water ingress so far. A sea boom has been deployed around
the vessel to contain any pollution. An additional absorbent boom has been deployed to
surround the crane structure, in order to minimise seepage at the source and to contain and
collect the fluid to prevent further leeching to sea.
• This technical and operational planning will continue overnight to ensure that any salvage is
conducted as safely and with as little risk to the environment as possible, and as soon as is
safely possible.
The Gibraltar Contingency Council expects to convene again early tomorrow. Further updates will
be forthcoming during the course of the day tomorrow.
The Chief Minister said: ‘I want to thank the Gibraltar Port Authority and in particular the Captain
of the Port, Juan Luis Ghio, and his staff for the excellent way in which they have stepped up to deal with this incident since it was first reported last night. I also want to thank all the partner agencies with maritime assets that have stood up to assist the GPA and to ensure both the protection of the lives of the crews of the relevant vessels and the prevention of pollution as the two key priorities. As the GPA now progress the salvage operation, I expect that we will be seeing the continued cooperation of those partner agencies in Gibraltar and beyond. The key factor in the salvage operation for the GPA going forward will continue to be the prevention of any pollution on our Eastside, on our beautiful beaches and in particular Catalan Bay. We will deploy such necessary resources as may be required to seek to achieve that paramount objective.’
OS 35 Bulk Carrier -1300hrs Update
This morning the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo QC and His Excellency the Governor Vice Admiral
Sir David Steel jointly chaired a meeting of the Gibraltar Contingency Council and of the Strategic
Coordination Group at No.6 Convent Place to receive updates on the ongoing incident involving
the bulk carrier, the OS 35, in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.
The Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia, the Minister for the Port Vijay Daryanani and the
Minister for Environment John Cortes were also present.
A survey inspection by a specialist team of divers this morning has confirmed that the OS 35’s
bulbous bow is currently submerged 1.2 metres into the sandy seabed.
There is significant damage to the vessel’s starboard side, including a gash amidships, below the
waterline, measuring approximately 10 metres by 4 metres.
All crew members are safe and well, with no injuries reported, and are remaining on board.
The vessel ADAM LNG appears to have suffered no significant damage, except for a superficial dent to its bulbous bow.
No injuries have been reported among the crew and there has been no water ingress.
This has been confirmed by divers and by an internal survey.
A specialist team of marine salvors from the Netherlands is due to arrive in Gibraltar early this
afternoon to conduct a full on-site assessment immediately on their arrival.
The Government is advised that weather conditions are forecast to be good in the coming days,
which will assist in operations moving forward.

The Gibraltar Port Authority currently has 2 tugs and 3 service craft deployed to the scene, assisted by Salvamento Maritimo, and are ready to react to any incident that may develop.
The Port of Algeciras is working in close coordination with the Gibraltar Port Authority, and has
also been authorised to deploy assets, including a Salvamento Maritimo helicopter to undertake an aerial survey of the OS 35.
The Government takes this opportunity to thank all those involved in the multi-agency response
A further meeting of the Strategic Coordination Group is scheduled for this evening.
OS 35 Bulk Carrier remains stable - 0700hrs UPDATE - 30.08.22
The situation with the Bulk Carrier OS 35 has remained stable overnight. There have been no significant developments.
The Gibraltar Port Authority remains at the scene and is continuously reviewing all aspects of the situation.
Approximately 400 metres of boom are now readily available on scene ready to be deployed around the vessel in the event of an oil spill.
A notice to mariners has been issued by the GPA with a 200m exclusion zone already in place around the OS 35.
All port operations were suspended by the GPA during the initial stages of the operation for approximately 4 hours and the Gibraltar Port has now fully reopened for all activity.
The cooperation with the Algeciras Port continues, with the deployment of assets from Algeciras Port (Salvamento Maritimo) being considered.
A further update will be issued during the course of the morning.
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